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      OSC_W650 big stone cutting machine

      Name:OSC_W650 big stone cutting machine


      Robust,accurate,versatile and economical.Built mainly for cutting blocks,hollow brick and curbstone.Extremely accurate with head sliding by means of linear ball bearings on two chrome-plated and ground bars.Cutting control through belt drive of the head driven by a handwheel positioned at the "operator station".It is equipped with a submersed pump inside the base for disc cooling water regeneration.Vertical motion of the head by means of handwheel for stable and fast control.Inclinable head for 45° cuts.

      Handwheel Drive
      Cutting operation becames more stable and accurate

      Big-sized blade
      Big blocks can be cut at one time

      With different blade, you can cut granite and marble block,firebrick, concrete,and hollow brick etc.

      It's very easy to perform bevel cutting
      Rolling table
      Loading stone becomes more easier
      OSC-W 600S 4kw/380v 600 1440 350 205 150 152x85x94
      OSC-W 600L 4kw/380v 600 1440 750 205 190  
      OSC-W 650S 4kw/380v 650 1440 300 230 160  
      OSC-W 650L 4kw/380v 650 1440 700 230 200  
      OSC-W 700L 4kw/380v 700 1440 600 255 210

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